After contemplating it for the past year, I finally bit the bullet and changed my autoresponder. This is not something you do lightly. It required transferring, make that copy and pasting, all of the email messages I had setup in my system to automatically go out. Not a fun or income generating task.

It meant learning yet another new tool. No matter how easy it is to use it takes time to learn a new tool such as this one. It meant recreating the opt-in forms on my sites in the autoresponder and then putting the newly generated code in my sites.

Aweber had served me well for years. It has a great reputation, it is well established, and has one of the best if not the best email deliverability rate. It is easy to use and all my sites were humming along with it as my email engine.

So why did I finally dump Aweber in favor or iContact?  Several reasons. I had noticed all the top, and I mean the elite, internet marketers were switching to iContact.   Hmmmm, I would say every time I saw another one switch.

Email MarketingI always “eat my own dog food” as we would say when I was in software development. What does that mean? It means you use the same tools you expect your clients to buy from you and use.  Well, it got to the point where I could no longer recommend Aweber to most of my clients, and in good conscience I couldn’t recommend another tool that I don’t personally use. Call me crazy but that’s just one of my business rules.

People are either starting out fresh with no existing list, in which case price is important and iContact is only half the cost of Aweber when you are getting started. That’s a significant difference when you’re just starting out. Even for large lists, iContact has better pricing except for a few corner cases and then it isn’t much of a difference.  So iContact wins on price. But that alone was not enough to make me switch if everything else were equal.

The real bone of contention I had with Aweber was their rigid stance on importing existing contacts from other systems or from physical sign-up sheets at live events.  Or should I say lack of import because Aweber doesn’t allow it unless the email recipient does a brand new opt-in via Aweber. Now this is just crazy. If they have opted-in or double opted-in and there is reasonable proof of such, there is no need to make them opt-in again just because you are moving from another autoresponder to aweber. This results in a large number of people dropping off the list because they don’t redo their opt-in.

So this was the final straw for me and finally made the big switch last week. I am happy as can be with the functionality, ease of use, support, and price of  iContact.  Don’t just take my word for it, give iContact a try for yourself.


PS – iContact has a 60 day free trial so there is absolutely no risk.