The online video marketing community is buzzing these days because YouTube is on a rampage. They are shutting down accounts right and left, without any warning whatsoever! Thousands of online video marketers have been affected by this, hopefully not you.

Online Video Marketing Slap

Imagine putting long hours into creating online videos that get you on the front page of Google and create a steady stream of free targeted web traffic on a daily basis. You followed the advice of the pros and life is good.

Now imagine trying to log in and finding out your account has been permanently disabled and there is no way for you to get it back. And the worst part is your videos are gone just like that, so unless you have a copy on your hard drive, you have lost all your content too!

All of your hard work is down the tubes, no pun intended. You are no longer on the front page of google, or any page for that matter. And your online video leads are now a big fat 0.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, here are 7 online video marketing guidelines for avoiding the wrath of YouTube:

  1. DO NOT create multiple accounts. Only create 1 YouTube account, no matter what you have been told in the past. The rules are changing. You can still have multiple channels within your single account.
  2. DO NOT upload the same video with a different title, keyword, description, etc.  Unless you want to get shutdown and lose everything. Only 1 upload of a video.
  3. DO NOT use software to add friends on your channel.
  4. DO NOT use software to add comments to your videos.
  5. DO NOT purchase YouTube views. Create good videos, use viral networking, and get views naturally.
  6. DO NOT spam your video description, title or tags with keywords.
  7. DO NOT use Traffic Geyser to upload your videos to YouTube. However, you can still use Traffic Geyser to upload to other video hosting sites.

Bottom line, create a single account, upload a video once, and avoid software such as TubeBlasterPro and Traffic Geyser. If you try to “game” the system, the penalty is very high. Don’t do it!

To Your Online Video Marketing Success,