Online Article Marketing Super Tip: Submitting Your Articles For Maximum Effect

I am a huge fan of online article marketing because it flat out works and gets me results each and every day on autopilot. But, there are ways you can implement online article marketing that will magnify your results 10 fold or more.

If you are going to take the time to write articles, you want to get the maximum results. Here are some great tips for you based on personal experience.

Online Article Marketing -

Let’s assume you’ve written some keyword rich articles, a topic we’ll cover in detail in a future post. Now what do you do with your online articles to get the most visibility and results.

If you are strapped for time and money, you can just submit your article to to get the most bang for your buck. currently gets over 15 million unique visitors a month. You only need a small fraction of those to get excellent results.

If you have a little bit more time, or you can afford a very inexpensive internet virtual assistant, you can submit your articles to the top 5 online article marketing directories.

Here are 5 of the top generic online article marketing sites, in order of traffic rank, with the best at the top:


If you are writing about a particular niche, you may want to find article sites directly related to your niche and see what results you get submitting your articles.

As an FYI, I pay my internet virtual assistant less than $4 to submit an article to the top 5 article directories and have found the increased traffic and back links to my site well worth the cost.

Now, if you REALLY want to get results from your online article marketing, and have the budget and time for it, you can use a tool such as Unique Article Wizard to create hundreds of unique versions of your article and submit them to hundreds or thousands of online article marketing directories.

This last approach is absolutely KILLER! What kind of results can you get with it? I know someone that got 673 opt-ins in 2 months using this approach coupled with social bookmarking and online video marketing. And they will continue to get opt-ins even if they don’t do anything else. They are on the front page of google for over 100 niche phrases from submitting 45 articles using this method. Not bad, eh?

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5 Ways To Get Free Targeted Traffic In 3 Days Or Less

Getting your great product or offer on your website is only half of the equation for online success, the other half is getting a steady flood of high quality, free targeted traffic to your site. Without this you will have zero sales and $0 income!

I’m going to share 5 no cost ways you can get high quality, free targeted traffic to your website. That’s right. All 5 of these tactics are completely FREE and they can produce quality traffic to your website within 3 days of less.

Let’s get started!

1. We’re going to focus on getting free targeted traffic when our potential customers or prospects search on terms in Google, Yahoo! Search, or Bing. These are called keywords, or key terms if there are multiple words. Good聽 examples are “online guitar lessons” or “how to improve my golf swing”. We want our website to show up when someone enters this type of search.

The key is to be specific with our search terms, and not general. If you pick “golf” or “guitar” those terms aren’t specific enough and our website won’t show up in the search results because there is too much competition.

Free Targeted Traffic Chart

2. After you pick your key terms, write a page in your blog or website for this key term. Use the key term in the title, the first sentence, and every few paragraphs.

3. Now bookmark this page in social bookmarking sites like and

4. Modify your article a little bit and submit to a Web 2.0 content site such as,, or

5. Modify your article again or write a new article on the same key term and submit it to a few of the top online article marketing directories such as,,, etc.

In your resource box, link back to your website or blog page. This will boost your website ranking and get you free targeted traffic from the article directories. Sweet!

6. Now take your article and make it a PowerPoint presentation. Record a video of the presentation and submit the video to video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Video is hot. People love to watch videos and it can provide very quick free targeted traffic.

7. Find a forum related to your niche, open a free account, create your profile, add a link to your website page or blog post in your signature. Comment on 5 discussions in the forum.

The 5 methods outlined here to get high quality, free targeted traffic to your website are social bookmarking, Web 2.0 content sharing sites, article directories, online video, and forums.

After you’ve done these methods they are quick and simple to implement. And they work like a charm! But don’t just take my word for it, go do it yourself and then watch the traffic increase to your website.

Then just rinse and repeat for other pages and you’ll have a steady stream of free targeted traffic that you can convert into sales and income, and a ton of online success!

In future posts I’ll be writing detailed instructions for each method, and covering additional things you can do with each method to have an ongoing flood of traffic to your website so be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking here or enter your name and email in the form at the top right side of the blog and get details on 15 easy ways to get targeted traffic to your website.

We’ve just started to scratch the surface on what’s possible…

To Massive Online Success,

Online Article Marketing | A Ninja Trick For Higher Opt-Ins

Online article marketing is one of the best ways to get free targeted traffic to a website, blog, or opt-in page. How good is it? I know someone that generated 650 laser targeted leads in 2 months with this approach. In just 3 weeks their blog received over 600 unique visitors a day. Even better, it was all for free.

Today I’d like to share a little ninja online article marketing trick that will get more of your readers to opt-in to your lead capture page.

At the end of your article you are allowed to include a resource box where you invite your reader to visit your website or blog, or go to your lead capture page. Your goal is for them to opt-in.

Here’s an example of a standard resource box:

And now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE Instant Access to “15 Ways To Skyrocket Your Business Online” . Just enter your name and email on the right.

From Karen Sielski – Your Online Success Partner

The problem with this common approach is that it requires a lot of steps for the reader to opt-in, and they might change their mind at any point along the way.

Online Article Marketing Ninja

The reader needs to click on the link to go to the opt-in page. Next they have to enter their name and email address and then click the Submit button.

While they are on the landing page, they can decide not to opt-in for any number of reasons. They might not like the idea of giving you their name and email address. They might not have the time to fill out the form, etc.

Alternatively, there is a way for the reader to click a link and make one more click to opt-in to your email list. They don’t have to navigate to an opt-in page or type in their name or email address. This method is quick and simple for the reader, increasing the number of readers that complete the opt-in process.

This results in a higher number of opt-ins from the same number of readers for the following reasons:

  1. The reader doesn’t have to go to an opt-in page where they can decide not to opt-in
  2. The reader doesn’t have to type their name or email address!

So just what is this really cool ninja method? You can change the link in your resource box to send an email to your autoresponder list, which automatically adds the reader to your list.

Brilliant! One click to open the send email window and one click to hit the Send button in the email and voila, the reader has opted in to your list!

I’m going to provide you with the handy dandy code that does all of this. When the reader clicks the link in the resource box their email program will automatically open up composing a new email message.

The “Subject line” will already be filled in for your reader and your autoresponder email address will automatically be filled in the “To” field.

All they have to do is click Send and poof, they have requested to opt-in to your autoresponder list. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! All the barriers to opting in have been removed.

They don’t have to think twice about entering their contact info or not having time to read and enter their contact information on the landing page.

By not having to type in their name and email address, it’s less obvious that they are providing

Here’s an example of this super cool lead grabbing article resource box

And now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE ACCESS to “15 Ways To Skyrocket Your Business Online”. Just send a blank email to and you’ll start receiving valuable information that can help you get more traffic to your blog or website and increase your sales and income.

From Karen Sielski – Your Online Success Partner

Go ahead and click the link to see how easy it is. And if you send the email you really will get some cool information on how to grow your business online 馃檪

OK. Are you ready for the super cool code that let’s you do this. Here is the HTML code for the “” link:

<a href=”


This code opens your email program and automatically fills in the Subject and To fields for your reader. Give it a try and see how much your opt-ins increase.

Bonus Tip – Your autoresponder will need to support adding subscribers via the email method described above. Many of them do. I use Aweber, the top dog in the industry. Aweber has the best email deliverability rate, one of the most important factors for an autoresponder, bar none. It is used by many of the top leaders in the industry.

To Your Online Article Marketing Success,


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Online Article Marketing | 10 Sources For Great Content

Online article marketing is one of the best ways to generate free online targeted traffic. But many people worry that they don’t have anything to write about. Fear no more! The possibilities are endless.

Pretty soon you’ll be wondering how you are going to write about everything you want to write about. It all has to do with having valuable information to share. Don’t underestimate yourself here. Each and every one of you has valuable information to share.

A key attribute of successful people is that they are always growing and learning, so you should be continually learning and increasing your value to others. This will provide additional content to share via online article marketing, your blog, podcasts, online videos, etc.

Here are 10 ideas for getting content for your online articles

  1. Write a review on a product, a book, or a system, etc.
  2. Information from a training session you attended or taught. You can get great content from free teleseminars, online videos, other online articles, etc.
  3. Your personal feelings in the form of a rant. Put yourself out there and let your readers get to know you. Don’t be afraid to be controversial.
  4. Write about problems your target market is facing. What are their fears? What are they worried about? How can you help them be more successful?
  5. Mistakes to avoid. People love these.
  6. Read a book on personal development, online marketing, or your area of expertise. Identify the 10 main points in the book and create an outline with them. Each main point is an article. You’ve got 10 articles from one book!
  7. Information from reading other blogs, articles, websites, etc. Warning: Don’t plagerize and copy verbatim. Instead, get info from several sources on a topic and then create an article with your own unique spin.
  8. Tips on a specific topic. For example “7 Tips For Getting More Referrals.”
  9. A newsworthy event or article. Write about something you heard or read in the news.
  10. A story about something that happened to you or that you observed.

The hardest part is just getting started. Once you get started you will find there is so much to write about. Sharing your information via online article marketing is a way of giving back and adding value to your readers. It is one of my favorite and most enjoyable activities in my online busines.

Online article marketing has many benefits. It establishes you as a credible leader that can help others succeed. It helps your readers to get to know you, like you, and trust you.

To Your Online Article Marketing Success,


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