Today’s online video tip can save you hundreds of dollars. Not only that but it’s ultra easy to use.  Very cool indeed.

If you want to create videos of PowerPoint style presentations or you need to create videos that capture your computer screen, Camtasia is the leading application for the job. But at $300 for a PC, it is not an inexpensive solution. Camtasia has a ton of features, but as a result it is not drop dead simple to use.

Online Video Tip: Jing

However, you can use Jing, a close relative, and it’s free! What can you do with Jing? Lots. And the best part is it is extremely easy to use. It has a minimal but adequate feature set that makes it easy to learn. This will save you time and get you producing and hosting videos much faster.

There isn’t much not to like about Jing. I love it because it makes it super simple for anyone to do the following types of online video activities:

1. Record your computer screen and add your own audio

2. Create a snapshot of your screen and then add annotations or a caption.

3. Upload your videos to a free account and then share the URL.

4. Upload your videos to the location of your choice

As with all good things, there are currently a few drawbacks to Jing. You will have to pay for the Pro version to upload directly to YouTube. Without the Pro version you have to convert the .swf format created by Jing into a format accepted by YouTube.  This process is time consuming.

If you want to record HD quality video you will also need the Pro version.  The Pro version does not have Jing advertising in the form of logos and links at the beginning and end of new videos.  Fortunately, the Pro version is a great deal at $14.95/year.

A free account comes with both Jing and Jing Pro. The account has 2GB of storage for your shared videos.

The big limitation with Jing is it’s 5 minute video length limitation. If you need longer videos you will need Camtasia or other video capture software. You can always record a long video as multiple short videos to get around this limitation.

If you want a professional-level screen recording and editing application with all the bells and whistles you would expect in a professional-level tool, then get out your wallet because Camtasia Studio is the tool for you.

Jing is fastastic if you’re looking for a free, super easy way to create images or video from your desktop quickly and without putting a big dent in your wallet.

Give Jing a try and start sharing videos in no time!  If you liked this online video tip, leave a comment or use the handy dandy bookmark button below to share it with others. Thanks!

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