Social Media in 10 Minutes a Week

Social media is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry or niche. It gives you credibility and exposure. It can also open the door for opportunities with partners, affiliates, and JV’s.


The more credibility you have, the easier it is to get more sales and more clients.

But you have to be very careful because social media can be a huge time sync if you don’t manage what you do and how you do it.

You can plan your social media updates in about 10 minutes a week using the following system.

Ask yourself some questions about your week and give the answers to your assistant.  If you don’t have an assistant in your office, you can get an internet virtual assistant for around $5 an hour!

Here are the questions to answer

1. What projects am I working on?
2. Am I doing any teleseminars, webinars, or public speaking engagements? Provide details for each such as a website link, date, time, location, topic, audience, etc.
3. What valuable content or tips do you want to share with the social media universe this week. This can be a link to a blog post, article or video, a news event, a quote, a tip, etc.
4. Is there anything you need help with this week?
5. What books are you reading?
6. What events are you attending – teleseminars, webinars, in person events, etc.  Specify details such as date and time.
7. Are there any major business or personal celebrations this week?  Any fun activities you will be doing?

Do this first thing on Monday morning as part of your weekly planning and hand it off to your assistant to do the tedious and time consuming task of scheduling the updates on the appropriate social media sites.

You will need to take some time to set this up by documenting your social media account information and the steps the assistant should take but it will save you countless hours every month.

The key to autopilot online success is creating systems and leveraging your team.  Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, its what you do with those hours that sets apart the massively successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Online Article Marketing Super Tip: Submitting Your Articles For Maximum Effect

I am a huge fan of online article marketing because it flat out works and gets me results each and every day on autopilot. But, there are ways you can implement online article marketing that will magnify your results 10 fold or more.

If you are going to take the time to write articles, you want to get the maximum results. Here are some great tips for you based on personal experience.

Online Article Marketing -

Let’s assume you’ve written some keyword rich articles, a topic we’ll cover in detail in a future post. Now what do you do with your online articles to get the most visibility and results.

If you are strapped for time and money, you can just submit your article to to get the most bang for your buck. currently gets over 15 million unique visitors a month. You only need a small fraction of those to get excellent results.

If you have a little bit more time, or you can afford a very inexpensive internet virtual assistant, you can submit your articles to the top 5 online article marketing directories.

Here are 5 of the top generic online article marketing sites, in order of traffic rank, with the best at the top:


If you are writing about a particular niche, you may want to find article sites directly related to your niche and see what results you get submitting your articles.

As an FYI, I pay my internet virtual assistant less than $4 to submit an article to the top 5 article directories and have found the increased traffic and back links to my site well worth the cost.

Now, if you REALLY want to get results from your online article marketing, and have the budget and time for it, you can use a tool such as Unique Article Wizard to create hundreds of unique versions of your article and submit them to hundreds or thousands of online article marketing directories.

This last approach is absolutely KILLER! What kind of results can you get with it? I know someone that got 673 opt-ins in 2 months using this approach coupled with social bookmarking and online video marketing. And they will continue to get opt-ins even if they don’t do anything else. They are on the front page of google for over 100 niche phrases from submitting 45 articles using this method. Not bad, eh?

Yours in Massive Online Success,


Internet Virtual Assistant | 25 Tasks To Outsource

Here’s a list of 25 specific tasks that you should consider outsourcing to an internet virtual assistant, depending on your skills, priorities, interests, budget, and time:

  1. Creating and formatting blogs
  2. Posting articles to blogs
  3. Building websites
  4. Submitting online articles to article directory sites
  5. Submitting online videos to video sites
  6. Maintaining Facebook and MySpace – inviting friends
  7. Creating social content pages on HubPages, Weebly, Squidoo, etc.
  8. Creating graphics
  9. Internet Virtual Assistant Tasks

    Finding images for websites and blog entries

  10. Posting Craigs List ads
  11. Copy writing
  12. Cold calling leads
  13. Setting appointments
  14. Creating and/or maintaining autoresponder campaigns
  15. Landing page creation
  16. Getting links back to your site
  17. Creating web page templates
  18. Formatting PowerPoint presentations
  19. Marketing and product research
  20. Creating content for blog entries, articles, PowerPoints,…
  21. Publishing newsletters
  22. Bookkeeping
  23. Populating your twitter tweets
  24. Software tool research and evaluation
  25. Getting twitter followers

Leave a comment with additional ideas for tasks to outsource to an internet virtual assistant. Let’s see how big we can get the list!

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Internet Virtual Assistant | Best Sources For Finding An Assistant

If you are looking for an internet virtual assistant, here are 5 services for finding a wide range of skills and talent.

elance logo

Elance is great because it is a 1-stop shop where you can find web designers, web programmers, marketers, copywriters, administrators, IT consultants, grant writers, translators, researchers, graphic designers, video producers, etc. Choose from over 80,000 independent professionals around the world.

I have found excellent internet virtual assistants on Elance and highly recommend this service! It is the first place I go when I need a VA.


99Designs is the place to go if you need design work for a website, blog, logo, brochure, business cards, stationary, etc.  Using this service you can get fast and inexpensive results. Their are currently over 34,000 talented designers in this community.

How does it work? 99designs uses a contest model where you specify a description of what you need and a cash “prize”. Various artists in the 99Designs community submit their entries.

You review all the entries, leave feedback, and request changes. You choose a favorite design from all the designs submitted. The winner receives the prize money.

This service is great because you can receive tens or hundreds of designs to choose from and only pay the winner!


Need a programmer? Then check out RentACoder. They currently have over 250,000 registered coders around the globe. Choose from a variety of price points, experience levels, skills, and services to find the professional that is right for your needs.

myereputation logo

MYeReputation is an internet virtual assistant service that specializes in social networking. If you want to leverage the power of social marketing but don’t have the knowledge and/or the time to tweet or post content on blogs, article directories, online video sites, podcast sites, and presentation sharing sites, MYeReputation may be the solution for you.

MYeReputation will create you social network accounts, fill in your profile, invite people into your networks, and monitor your connections.

You will need to provide your MYeReputation assistant with content for your business but they take care of all the tedious, time consuming tasks of getting your content and message delivered to potential prospects on multiple social networks.


While not technically an internet virtual assistant provider, AskSunday is a source to consider if you need a personal assistant. They can schedule your appointments, purchase gifts such as flowers, books and gift certificates, coordinate and book travel plans,  make customer service calls, etc.

Freeing up your personal time leaves more time to focus on your business. Or you can use the extra time to recharge, making you more effective in your business.

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Internet Virtual Assistant | 7 Criteria For Selecting A Great Assistant

One of the most important aspects of hiring an internet virtual assistant is having guidelines for selecting your assistant. It is typical to have many assistants bid on your project, so you will need criteria for selecting which one you award the project.

In addition to waiting to see which virtual assistants bid on your project, you should proactively search for candidates you think are a great fit for your tasks and ask them to bid on your project.

Internet Virtual Assistant Selection

Here are the 7 criteria I use to evaluate internet virtual assistants:

1. Reviews from previous clients. This is crucial information. The ratings must be stellar. If there is a history of unprofessionalism, miscommunication, or schedule issues I pass without thinking twice.

2. The number of projects they have on file with the provider. If someone is new, they may have a cheaper hourly rate, but they have an unknown track record. It is not worth the risk. I avoid the unknown.

3. Do they have repeat business with previous clients? Many providers will provide this statistic. The higher the percentage of repeat business the better, but don’t expect this number to be extremely high. Compare their percentage of repeat business to other internet virtual assistants.

4. What does their profile look like. Is it complete? Do they show samples of their work? If appropriate, they should have their portfolio so you can see previous work.

5. How much initiative do they take to get ythe project? Do they seek me out in a professional manner to get selected for my project?

6. How long does it take them to do tasks? They may have a cheaper hourly rate than another VA but if it takes them twice as long to do tasks they may be more expensive in the end. If you have a specific task like submitting articles to article directories, ask them how long they take to do that type of task.

7. How do they communicate and report status? Are they available during my business hours or do I need to communicate with them in the middle of the night? Can I talk with them on the phone?

You’ll be amazed at how much easier your life becomes and how much more work gets done in your business, at minimal cost, with a great internet virtual assistant on your team.

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