In this social media revolution video you will see some truly amazing statistics.

If you are not doing any social networking you must watch this video. If you are doing social networking you must watch this video and then kick things into high gear.

Check out the statistics for yourself. Prepare to be amazed…

Here are a few of the ways Autopilot Online Success can help you dominate with social media.

Initial Setup – Laying the Ground Work: Your Social Network Identity

  • Deciding which social networks and strategies are best for your business
  • Setting up a customized, lead generating Facebook Business/Fan page (Input Photos, Videos, and Content)
  • Setting up a customized Twitter account and getting targeted followers
  • Creating a profile on LinkedIn (Input Photos, Videos, and Content)
  • Setting up a Flickr or Picasa photo account for multimedia sharing

Integration & Optimization

  • Integration between your Facebook page and your website. This addition will generate more traffic and potential customers to your website.
  • Integration of your Blog to Twitter
  • Integration of your Facebook fan page’s status updates to Twitter
  • Integrate your blog into Facebook and your Linkedin group
  • Optimization of all the created profiles through writing & posting unique content on each profile

Sample Custom Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter Backgrounds, YouTube Channels

Custom Facebook Fan Page

Custom Twitter Background