If you look at the 7 figure online marketers, you’ll find they have many traits in common that led to their online success. This is not surprising, since you’ll find these traits hold true for the ultra successful in business, sports, etc.

As you read through the list of online success traits, give yourself a score of 1 if you have mastered this trait, 0 if you are average in this area, and -1 if you struggle with this trait.

1. action oriented

2. accountable

3. disciplined

4. laser-like focused on goals

Online Success Traits

5. has a plan and a strategy to support the plan

6. thinks big

7. improves daily and learns from mistakes

8. confident

9. adjusts to changing conditions and circumstances

10. optimistic

11. persistent

12. sees opportunitites not obstacles, growth not loss, rewards not risks

13. acts in spite of fear, doubts, and worries

14. has mentors and associates with positive successful people

15. develops positive rituals

The biggest stumbling block for most people is discipline – the willingness and commitment to stay with a task to reach well-defined goals that lead to a vision.

By thinking and acting like those who have obtained online success, you can achieve it too. Study them. Learn from them. Emulate them.

Now add up your score. How did you do? A perfect score is 15. If you scored between 10 and 15 you are awesome and should be achieving a high degree of online success. Work on any areas where you did not have a perfect score.

If you scored between 0 and 10 you’re on the right track. Sit down and come up with an action plan to improve your lowest scores.

If you score is below 0, you need an immediate 911 plan. You will need to make some big changes to achieve online success. Pick the 3 most important areas to work on and come up with a plan to improve those areas. After you have completed the plan, work on the next 3 areas until your score is above 10. You can do it! I believe in you.

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You Rock!