Wouldn’t it be great to find out exactly what 7 figure online marketers do to achieve online success? To be a little bird looking over their shoulder, learning all their secrets and tricks. Well, I’m doing just that for the next 8 weeks. Now I’m paying lots of money to learn these secrets, but I’m going to share some golden nuggets of information with you FOR FREE.

What if you knew the mistake 95-98% of online marketers make, the mistake that dooms them to miserable results and eventual failure? The mistake that dashes any hopes of online success, and makes autopilot online income an elusive and distant goal. I’m going to share that mistake with you, and some actionable steps you can take to avoid the mistake.

Online Success

Drum roll please… OK, here we go. Most online marketers focus on getting leads, whether via natural search engine optimization (SEO) tactics or paid strategies like pay-per-click (PPC), banner ads, ezine ads, etc. They focus on getting people to an opt-in page and then getting them to actually opt-in.

They work really hard on their opt-in conversion rate, getting it to the so called success level of 15-20%. If they’re doing PPC they test and tweak until an ad gets a 2% click-thru-rate (CTR). They reach these so called success levels and grow their list but the money is not pouring in like they thought it would.

Why? Because they are not focusing on one of the most critical aspects of getting the sale and achieving massive online success, not just a few sales here and there. The key to making money is to have a vibrant, living list. One that opens your emails and responds to your calls to action. This is where the big money is at.

This next point is really important. You only have 1 to 7 days from the time someone opts-in to your list to establish a connection with them and win them over or they won’t open your emails. This is powerful information. Having a big list doesn’t do you any good if the people on the list don’t read what you have to say or offer!

I promised you some actionable steps to help you join the elite 3% that have online success. Here are 7 specific tips:

1. After people opt-in to your list, provide a warm, unique, personal, and professional environment to them.

2. Send at least 2 broadcast emails a week to your list. Send your broadcast emails between 5 and 8 AM EST. You will get a 5+% higher open rate!

3. Schedule daily autoresponder emails the first 2 weeks. Don’t worry about people opting out of your list because they get too many emails from you. Those aren’t the people you want on your list anyway. The people that stay on your list are the ones you want.

4. Take time to come up with an email subject line that gets them to open your email.

5. Put your heart into your emails. Open up and share stories. Let them get to know you. Entertain them.

6. Provide valuable content and training in your emails.

7. Treat your list like a garden that needs water, nutrients, sunshine, etc every day!

I will be sharing many, many more valuable nuggets on this blog to help you achieve the online success that is available to anyone that wants it bad enough.

Online Success,