Online article marketing is one of the best ways to generate free online targeted traffic. But many people worry that they don’t have anything to write about. Fear no more! The possibilities are endless.

Pretty soon you’ll be wondering how you are going to write about everything you want to write about. It all has to do with having valuable information to share. Don’t underestimate yourself here. Each and every one of you has valuable information to share.

A key attribute of successful people is that they are always growing and learning, so you should be continually learning and increasing your value to others. This will provide additional content to share via online article marketing, your blog, podcasts, online videos, etc.

Here are 10 ideas for getting content for your online articles

  1. Write a review on a product, a book, or a system, etc.
  2. Information from a training session you attended or taught. You can get great content from free teleseminars, online videos, other online articles, etc.
  3. Your personal feelings in the form of a rant. Put yourself out there and let your readers get to know you. Don’t be afraid to be controversial.
  4. Write about problems your target market is facing. What are their fears? What are they worried about? How can you help them be more successful?
  5. Mistakes to avoid. People love these.
  6. Read a book on personal development, online marketing, or your area of expertise. Identify the 10 main points in the book and create an outline with them. Each main point is an article. You’ve got 10 articles from one book!
  7. Information from reading other blogs, articles, websites, etc. Warning: Don’t plagerize and copy verbatim. Instead, get info from several sources on a topic and then create an article with your own unique spin.
  8. Tips on a specific topic. For example “7 Tips For Getting More Referrals.”
  9. A newsworthy event or article. Write about something you heard or read in the news.
  10. A story about something that happened to you or that you observed.

The hardest part is just getting started. Once you get started you will find there is so much to write about. Sharing your information via online article marketing is a way of giving back and adding value to your readers. It is one of my favorite and most enjoyable activities in my online busines.

Online article marketing has many benefits. It establishes you as a credible leader that can help others succeed. It helps your readers to get to know you, like you, and trust you.

To Your Online Article Marketing Success,