This is a recorded interview with the MASTER at Consultative Selling.

This former engineer used the ”Consultative Selling” method to sell over $100 million without being a sales person.  This is the perfect way to get clients without being a pushy sales person that prospects try to avoid.

In this interview, you’ll discover what “Consultative Selling”  is, how to do it, and several valuable tips you can start using to get new clients.


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Closing the Deal and Getting Paid

The 5 Steps From The First Appointment To Closing The Sale And Getting Paid

You’ve used one of the methods to find a great potential client. Now its time to close the sale. If you have not already reviewed the Consultative Selling training, you will want to do that. Then, in this training we walk you through the exact steps of the Consultative Sales process.


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The Proposal


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Sample 1 Page Proposal (WS Word file – right-click to download)

NOTE: All numbers and figures in the sample are fictitious and are for example only. Use this as a template to create your own proposals for your prospective clients based on your own research of their market and the services you feel you can reasonably perform on their behalf.

You do not have to put any guarantees or specific promises of traffic increase in your proposals. You can simply outline the services you will perform and their investment. Proposals will vary with each client based on what they need and the services you (or your team) are willing to perform. The purpose of this is to give you something to start with.

Additional Consultative SalesTraining

In this special bonus, I interview Mike Kim, and we walk you step by step thru a recent sales call that we went on together.

Be sure to listen to this entire interview and grab the awesome nuggets of wisdom that are revealed in many spots throughout this call.


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Objection Handling – Eric Lofholm

Notes for the objection handling training are here.

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