I have used a $4/hour internet virtual assistant to do many tasks in my online business, allowing me to focus on essential business critical tasks. Now you might think you can’t get a quality assistant for under $5/hour, but I have and I know others that have too.

Internet Virtual Assistant Tasks

But you can get burned if you don’t approach getting a virtual assistant in a systematic way. You need to outsource the right tasks and then you need to find the right virtual assistant.

Here’s how you can determine what tasks to outsource. Start out making a list of the tasks in your business, categorized in the following 3 columns:

1 – tasks I can or should do

2 – tasks I know how to do, but don’t like doing or tasks that aren’t an effective use of my time

3 – tasks I don’t know how to do

You want to keep doing the things you do best and that make the best use of your time. Typically these will be income generating tasks. Tasks like talking with customers and prospects, researching products, strategic planning, writing great sales copy, automating your business, and relationship building.

Outsource anything that is tedious, repetitive, or that requires a skill you don’t have and that isn’t integral to your business.  The more of these tasks you outsource, the more time you will have for income generating tasks, and the faster your business will grow.

Even in the early days of your business when you do not have a lot of income yet, outsource as much as possible and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your business will take off.

In the future I’ll share information on where to find a virtual assistant and how to evaluate virtual assistants.

To Your Outsourcing Success,