One of the most important aspects of hiring an internet virtual assistant is having guidelines for selecting your assistant. It is typical to have many assistants bid on your project, so you will need criteria for selecting which one you award the project.

In addition to waiting to see which virtual assistants bid on your project, you should proactively search for candidates you think are a great fit for your tasks and ask them to bid on your project.

Internet Virtual Assistant Selection

Here are the 7 criteria I use to evaluate internet virtual assistants:

1. Reviews from previous clients. This is crucial information. The ratings must be stellar. If there is a history of unprofessionalism, miscommunication, or schedule issues I pass without thinking twice.

2. The number of projects they have on file with the provider. If someone is new, they may have a cheaper hourly rate, but they have an unknown track record. It is not worth the risk. I avoid the unknown.

3. Do they have repeat business with previous clients? Many providers will provide this statistic. The higher the percentage of repeat business the better, but don’t expect this number to be extremely high. Compare their percentage of repeat business to other internet virtual assistants.

4. What does their profile look like. Is it complete? Do they show samples of their work? If appropriate, they should have their portfolio so you can see previous work.

5. How much initiative do they take to get ythe project? Do they seek me out in a professional manner to get selected for my project?

6. How long does it take them to do tasks? They may have a cheaper hourly rate than another VA but if it takes them twice as long to do tasks they may be more expensive in the end. If you have a specific task like submitting articles to article directories, ask them how long they take to do that type of task.

7. How do they communicate and report status? Are they available during my business hours or do I need to communicate with them in the middle of the night? Can I talk with them on the phone?

You’ll be amazed at how much easier your life becomes and how much more work gets done in your business, at minimal cost, with a great internet virtual assistant on your team.

Think Big,