Facebook has a feature called a Facebook vanity URL, or username. Over 6 million users grabbed their Facebook username the first weekend the vanity URLs became available. So just what is a vanity URL and why do you need one?

A Facebook vanity URL let’s your friends, family, and business associates visit your Facebook profile or fan page by entering your username. It’s a much easier way for people to find you than remembering a randomly assigned number.

Let’s take a look at a specific example. Without a vanity URL, people can visit my Facebook profile page via

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1067148921 or


Not exactly user friendly.

Facebook Username

To get a Facebook vanity URL, I logged into Facebook and then visited http://www.facebook.com/usernames/ where I was prompted to choose my username. I was offered several suggestions or I could make up my own. I elected karen.sielski, so now you can go to my profile by entering http://www.facebook.com/karen.sielski.

Caution, you can not change your Facebook vanity URL, so choose wisely. Think twice before selecting a name such as ILoveJoe or JonasBrothersFanForever.

The change makes it easier for search engines to return high quality results and is also expected to tie into Google Connect in the future.

In addition to grabbing a username for your profile, you can get a username for Pages with more than 1,000 fans. Why the restriction? Facebook didn’t want people created new pages just to “squat” on a username.

Which brings me to my final point. You should grab your username as soon as possible, or risk it being taken by someone else, especially if you have a common name.

To Your Success,