One of the reasons Facebook is the top social networking site, and the 2nd most popular web site on the planet, is it’s ability to continually adapt and improve it’s feature set and user interface. Given that many users, myself included, have not found the Facebook user interface to be very intuitive, these changes are usually a step in the right direction.

A new round of changes were just rolled out. Here’s a run down on the changes.

Facebook has done more tweaking of the home page in an attempt to make it easier to find important information. The latest change is a list of items you might have missed while you were off the site, heaven forbid!

Now, when you log in to your Facebook account, you will see a list of items the site deems the most interesting things that happened in the past day in the News Feed.


Just how does Facebook determine what photos, status updates, or other updates are interesting to you? It is based on what updates are popular with your Facebook friends or how close you are to the person giving the update. Let’s say the content has a lot of comments or 10 ‘likes’ by your mutual friends, Facebook deems it as something that is important to you.

The idea is to read through these “most interesting” updates, then switch to the “Live Feed”, which just like before shows you updates from everyone on your friends list in a constant stream.

Facebook has also integrated the “highlights” feature from the right-hand side of the page to the “News Feed” in the middle of the page. The freed up space on the right will be used to feature birthdays and events more prominently, as requested by Facebook users.

Facebook is a powerhouse site with proven staying power. Don’t overlook this fantastic way to grow your business online. But always remember, spammy marketers don’t make money. Instead, focus on forming relationships with highly targeted prospects and you will prosper.

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