This one will be short and sweet, and can save you hundreds of hours, really!

Would you like to be able to speed up YouTube and other online videos and presentations, without having the presenters sounds like chipmunks?  What if you could control the playback speed of recorded teleseminars and other audio files?

There are 2 tools I started using early this year and I really don’t know what I would do without them. They literally save me many hours each and every week.

The first tool is MySpeed by Enounce. This tool allows you to change the playback speed for internet videos!  You can watch more video in less time.  I find it invaluable for note taking and transcription.

Increase Your Productivity

All you do is add the MySpeed plug-in to your browser and a handy speed slider appears when you start playing  a video. I’m typically able to watch videos at 1.5-2.0 speed. There is a free trial version so give it a try but be forewarned, you may get addicted like me.

The second tool is also by Enounce and it speeds up audio files. This product is called 2xAV and it is a Plug-in for RealPlayer or Media Player.  2xAV provides variable speed playback with natural sounding audio. It works for local files or files streamed from the internet.

These 2 tools increase my productivity by freeing up time to work on other tasks.  Check out the free trials and increase your productivity today!

Yours In Success,

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