How To Use Online Video Marketing To Dominate Google

Online video marketing can result in front page google rankings and massive traffic. How? By taking advantage of Google’s purchase of YouTube, which has resulted in YouTube videos getting a search engine ranking advantage.

Frequently, new YouTube videos rank higher than older, text-based Web pages. In many cases it is not difficult to get on the first page of google. As a result you can get huge visibility and free targeted web traffic to your site.

Online Video Marketing

Here are 5 business benefits of online video marketing:

1. Videos typically get a higher search engine ranking so you’ll get more views for your content

2. More views => more traffic to your website

3. More traffic => you can build a bigger list

4. More traffic => more sales

5. Videos build more trust with your viewers. There’s no better way to get them to know, like, and trust you.

After you’ve created a short, content-rich video and uploaded it to YouTube, follow these 2 online video tips to get a top ranking that gets you massive online video traffic.

Tip 1. Put your keywords in your title. This is critical!

Tip 2. Get some links to your video. If you have a website or blog, link to your YouTube video. Be sure to use your keyword in the link for optimum results. Get as many other websites as possible to link to your video.

To get online video traffic to your website, make sure to have a hyperlink to your website in the “About This Video” section. Secondly, make sure you have your website address visible in your video, preferably with a watermark that thows throughout the entire video.

Follow these online video tips, and you will have a steady stream of online video traffic funneled to your website.

To Your Online Video Marketing Success,


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How To Use Effective Body Language For More Sales

I just watched a show on the secrets of effective body language on the history channel and just had to share the fascinating information with you. Did you know researchers report that 93% of all communication is non-verbal? That’s right, only 7% of communication is based on our words, yet that’s what most of us focus on. The rest is through gesture, facial expression, pitch, tone of voice, body movement, and posture.

Secrets of Body Language

One of the most fascinating segments on the show was the segment based on analyzing politicians. This part was very interesting, especially when it showed world leaders jockeying for position in different scenarios.

When shaking hands, the hand on top or in front has more control.  For this politicians jockey to be on the right so their hand is on top. And when one politician pats another on the back, the one patting has more power, so they maneuver to put themselves in position to be the one patting, or maneuver to make sure the other one can’t pat them on the back.

Did you know the last politican going through a door has the most power? They certainly know it. Video clips of politicans maneuvering to be last through a door was fascinating. In one video, Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat almost started fist fighting over who was going to be last through a door.

If you are in sales, learning the secrets of body language is essential if you want to make more sales. There was an excellent section on selling. People buy not based on the product, they don’t even buy based on the data of the product. They buy based on how they feel about the salesman. If you are in sales, how do your customers feel about you?

If you are in sales you must have a genuine smile, and natural confidence but not over confidence or you’ll come across as arrogant. And you don’t want to appear distant.

Establishing rapport is crucial in politics and sales. Bill Clinton was great at establishing rapport. He had the classic charismatic factors such as likeability, power, and attractiveness. He was a powerhouse, coming across as very open with nothing to hide.

Knowing the secrets of body language is also essential if you want to be a great speaker. There are some things all great speakers do. First and foremost, every great speaker who speaks formally expresses from the heart. And their face, head, gestures, and body are in alignment to signify integrity. In another interesting video clip, it was interesting to note how these were not in alignment when Bill Clinton first addressed the “intern incident”.

Next time you are speaking, either in person or in an online video, don’t just focus on your words, focus on the other 93% of communication.  Think about what your gestures, facial expression, tone of voice, and posture are conveying to your audience.

Work Smarter Not Harder!



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Viral Marketing Faceoff: Twitter vs Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are the two titans in viral marketing even though Twitter has a significantly smaller user base. Facebook has over 350 active million users compared to approximately 183 million Twitter accounts. While many of these twitter user accounts are inactive, the number of accounts in 2009 has grown astronomically. In Q1 2009 the number of Twitter users was only around 5 million. The current stat of 183 million was obtained by doing the google search “ -inurl:status”.

Being a user of both online viral marketing services, I can certainly see why Twitter has seen huge growth.

Twitter Vs Facebook

5 Twitter Advantages:

1. Very simple interface and feature set so you can get up and running quickly
2. Maximum 140 characters per “tweet” makes it quick to scan information
3. Easy to follow people, does not require permission, and there are only a few rules and restrictions
4. Easy to get followers
5. Searchable, with full profile views and aliases

However, it is not a complete knockout and Facebook still has some advantages and is adapting quickly:

1. Better support for multi-media
2. Fan page feature
3. Easier to have and follow conversations
4. Event page feature
5. Very viral

Overall, I would say Facebook is a lot more complex than Twitter. Friends must approve you and you can’t see a person’s full profile unless you are their friend.

I jumped on Twitter because Facebook has some archaic restrictions on adding friends. There is a friend threshold, and if you go over the limit Facebook will disable your ability to add friends for an unspecified amount of time. And they also don’t publish the threshold, and it changes periodically, so it’s a guessing game.

And if you violate the mysterious Facebook rules and restrictions too many times, your account will get suspended permanently and you will have to start all over with a new account and no friends. A friend of mine  lost an account that had 3,545 friends. And Facebook would not even tell them what they did wrong. Ouch!

The other big limit on Facebook is your number of friends. You are limited to a maximum of 5,000 friends, versus an unlimited number of followers on Twitter.

When using Facebook for business or marketing, be sure to create and promote your fan page, which doesn’t have some of these restrictions.

In all fairness, Twitter has had to impose some limitations as well and has gone on account suspension sprees for accounts that add too many followers too quickly or people who use bots to automatically grow their list of followers.

If you want to get started in viral marketing check out twitter for it’s ease of use, short messages, and lack of draconian rules and restrictions. It’s actually a lot of fun and can be effective as a marketing tool when used responsible and without spamming people.

But don’t forget Facebook, which is still the big daddy of social networking, with the largest active user base.  Facebook is the best environment for forming relationships with people, which is the most effective way to do social networking in the long run.



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7 Quick Online Video Tips For More Sales

Want to create online videos that get results? Video is one of the best ways for people to get to know, like, and trust you, which will result in more sales and income. But there are some guidelines you need to follow if you want to get the maximum sales and income from your online video marketing efforts.

Here are 7 quick online video tips to get maximum results from your videos:

Tip #1 – Make your video look professional. Have a good, clear background and setting. Clutter and pictures are a big no no! And of course, dress appropriately. However, if you are promoting the lifestyle your business allows, then shoot your videos at the beach, at the slopes, on the golf course, etc.

Online Video Tips For More Sales

Tip #2 – Look directly into the camera and pretend it it someone else’s eyes. Think about your target audience, not the camera, when you talk and be sure to speak from your heart. Pretend you are talking to 1 person, not thousands.

Tip #3 – Provide great value in your content and convey a strong sense of confidence. If you do not speak with confidence, even if you are an expert your audience will not see you as an authority figure with credibility.

Tip #4 – Don’t lead with your website link or call to action. If you put your website URL before the beginning of the video, it’s too much like a commercial and people may click away instantly. First and foremost, your focus should be on providing value. Put your call to action with website link at the end of the video, after you’ve given great content.

Tip #5 – Do not add a video transition, such as a fade, between the main video and the call to action. This alerts your viewers that the content is over and they may click away.

Tip #6 – Add music to the end of the video in the call to action section. Use music with a good beat. People will stay on this shot longer with good music.

Tip #7 – Keep your video short. Generally, your video should be 2-3 minutes max. The shorter the better. On average, only 46% of viewers watch longer than one minute, 36% watch 2 minutes or more, and a mere 17% longer than 3 minutes. If you have a long video, break it up into multiple videos and create a series.

By following these 7 online video tips, you will create high quality videos that generate more sales and income for your business.


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5 Step Formula For Generating Real-Time Leads Via Social Marketing

There are numerous ways to effectively grow your business using social marketing. Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Tagged, and the professionally oriented LinkedIn are all the rage today.

When used properly, social networking sites can provide massive leverage to grow your business. But for many people, social networking can also be a huge time sink if you don’t know how to connect the dots and have people in your social networks buying from you.

You need to present your business in an appropriate way, without spamming or turning off your online friends, and potentially damaging your relationship with them forever. You’ve got to get them to know, like, and trust you before they will buy what you are selling, especially online. Your online success depends on this more than anything else.

social media

Now I’m going to give you a 5 step formula for getting massive amounts of targeted, free real-time leads. I assume you’ve already chosen the appropriate social networks for your industry or business, opened your accounts, and established some friends.

What’s the next step?  One of the best ways to form a solid business relationship with your network and get more sales is to host an event. It can be a webinar, teleseminar, or even an in-person event.

If you live in a remote geographic area, it will be more difficult to get a big turnout for an in-person event, but if you live in a populated area you can get a good turnout by following this formula. The potential is obviously huge for online events, especially if you do a webinar format.

Let’s dive into the details of the online success 5 step formula.

Step 1. A few weeks before the event write an online press release and submit it to a few free online press release sites like PressAbout and PRLog. Setup a google alert on the keywords you used in the press release. The keyword alert will automatically tell you when your press release gets published.

When the free online press release gets picked up, then go to paid online services like PRWeb and WebWire. You should start getting free, targeted web traffic from the press releases immediately.

Step 2. If you have a website or blog, write about the event on your website.  Take the blog entry and turn it into an article and post it on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Post your event on

Step 3. Tell all of your social marketing friends about the event, and ask them to share it with their friends.

Step 4. Create a short Powerpoint presentation about the content of your event and yourself. Post the slides at with a transcript.

Step 5. Turn the Powerpoint presentation into a video and submit the video on YouTube and TubeMogul.

Make sure to send people to your social marketing site or blog page that tells a little bit about yourself.  Have people register for the event and send them an email reminder the day before the event and the day of the event.

Follow these 5 steps to generate free real-time leads, then provide valuable content at your event and you will be leveraging your time on social marketing sites into business sales, not just hanging out and having a good time.

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