Barriers to Online Success: Limiting Beliefs

On May 6, 1954 British runner Roger Bannister achieved the holy grail of running, completing a one mile race in under 4 minutes. At the time, it was believed that running a mile in less than 4 minutes was impossible.

What is interesting is the fact that after Roger Bannister completed this remarkable feat, many more runners went on to run the mile even faster. In fact, he only held the record for 49 days.

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” — Roger Bannister

Once runners knew the sub 4 minute mile was possible, they too were able to break the barrier. Your thoughts can be a huge limiting factor in your results.

Here’s a personal example. I attended a 2 day online marketing seminar a few years ago. For one of the “mental exercises” a martial arts instructor came in and taught us a few basic moves. It turns out they were the moves needed to break a board in two while it was held tightly by the instructor and assistant.

After about 45 minutes of warming up and practicing our moves, it was time to go 1 by 1 and break our “board”, which had our biggest obstacle written on it.

Now the instructor said that everyone was going to break the board. We were led to believe that it was easy and that without a doubt 100% of us would break our board, and shatter our biggest barrier to success.

The instructor was right. There were about 21 participants in the class, and every single one broke their board on the first try. We didn’t know not breaking the board was an option.

Only after we were all done did the instructor tell us that it is actually common for students with much more experience to fail to break a board. They have seen others fail to break the board, so they know it is not trivial and guaranteed, like we were led to believe.

So what does your mind think you can do? What is it unsure of? Are you 100% confident of your online success? What are your limiting beliefs? What do you think the odds of succes are in your industry, and are you determined to be a success? What are your biggest barriers to success?

Program your thoughts with the right information and you will be unstoppable in your business.

I Believe In Your Online Success!


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Make Your Website Come To Life With Royalty Free Multimedia

Images, audios, and videos make your website or blog come to life. They give it character and make it appealing to your visitors. The more appealing your website it, the more visitors you will have, the longer they will stay on your site, and the more online succes you will have.

Here are a few of my favorite sources for royalty free images, audios, and videos, many of which are free.

Royalty Free Multimedia

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If your website or blog does not provide an enriching multimedia experience, check out these resources now.

Go For It!


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3 Barriers To Online Success

If you don’t avoid these 3 common barriers to online success, the reality is you don’t have much of a chance to make money online. Many people think online marketing is a piece of cake.

After all, everywhere you turn there are sales letters telling you how you can get thousands of highly targeted leads to your website with the snap of your fingers. Or how you can have hundreds of prospects chasing you down with their credit card in hand. They make it sound oh so easy.

3 Online Success Barriers

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy and there are some pretty big obstacles that sabotage most people and they end up spending more money online than they make and then they give up. The good news is it is very possible to grow a huge business and income online, if you avoid these 3 barriers to online success.

1. Giving up too early. It’s going to take some work and your early efforts may not succeed. You’ve got to learn from your early mistakes, adjust, and keep trying until you get results.

You need to be persistent and can’t quit at the first sign of failure. Don’t quit if your first few pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns fail. Keep testing and tweaking until you are successful, even if it takes 15 campaigns.

2. Not being consistent and jumping from one strategy to the next, or one opportunity to the next. Many people try pay-per-click (PPC) marketing for a month, lose a bunch of money, and then say it doesn’t work and quit.

The next month they try social networking. Then the next month search engine optimization (SEO). Or maybe they hop from opportunity to opportunity.

When most people hit a road block or don’t get instant results they give up. This is a sure path to failure. You need to get proficient before you make money with an online marketing strategy, and proficiency doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to be 95% proficient to break even, and 99% to make money. It can take 6 months to a year for this to happen, contrary to what most sales letters will tell you. This is the cold hard truth.

You need to pick a strategy and stick with it, overcoming all obstacles, until you are making money with it. Then you can add another strategy. This is the path to being successful online, it is the only way.

3. Not using a proven online marketing system. Your fastest path to online success will come by getting the most detailed, proven, online marketing system that you can. Mentoring or coaching is essential.

You can get tons of free information on the internet, but you’ll spends months or years trying to fit it all together into a system that works. You’ll get overwhelmed and not know what to do next. You won’t have anywhere to turn when you have questions.

You need to learn from others that have been successful and that have spelled out step-by-step what you need to do for results. And then you need someone to turn to when you have questions or when things are working for you the way they should.

One such system is Autopilot Wealth Institute. They have a proven system, detailed step-by-step training, and mentors to help you through the numerous challenges of building an online business.

Watch this free video to see if Autopilot Wealth Institute is right for you.

Your Partner in Online Success,


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Choosing A Biz Domain Name – 5 Mistakes To Avoid For Online Success

One of the early tasks you’ll need to do for your online success is picking a biz domain name for your website and avoiding some common domain name mistakes. This task should not be taken lightly. It is important to take the time to do this step right, no matter how long it takes.

You want your biz domain name to be congruent with your brand, to generate maximum web traffic, and to get top search engine results.

I personally like to brainstorm with a couple of people to get a long list of possible names. Then eliminate biz domain names that are already taken. GoDaddy ( can provide this information. Many of your best ideas will probably be taken, which is why this step can be difficult.

Biz Domain Name Mistakes

Here are 5 common biz domain name mistakes to avoid when choosing from the remaining names:

1. Picking a name that is difficult to spell or say. When you tell someone your domain name, there should be no ambiguity in how to spell it, and they should be able to remember it easily.

2. Not registering variations of the domain name such as plural and hyphenated versions. If you don’t, your competitors will and they will steal some of your traffic. Domain names are inexpensive, don’t skimp here!

3. Not getting a .com extension. Don’t settle for .net, .info, .ws, .bz, etc. If the .com version is not available, pick a different biz domain name.

4. Not using your main keyterm in your domain. You’ll get a higher relevance score from the search engines if your main keyterm is in your domain name. Higher relevance means more traffic.

5. Not owning your name. In addition to any other domain names you purchase, make sure to get your name in the form Even if you don’t need it right away, it’s better to get it before someone else does.

Your biz domain name is a very important aspect of your online success. Avoiding these 5 domain name mistakes is well worth the time you will spend to choose the right name.

Your Partner In Massive Online Success,
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How To Use Twitter Marketing To Promote Your Blog or Website

If you are trying to figure out how to correctly use Twitter marketing to promote your blog or website, watch this video. You’ll learn step-by-step how to get started, what tools to use, and what not to do. Enjoy!

To Your Twitter Marketing Success,