6 Factors For Evaluating Lead Generation Strategies

Online lead generation is one of the most important aspects of growing your business online. There are six critical factors you should consider when evaluating the many ways to generate leads online – time, cost, leverage, quantity, speed, and lost opportunity.

1. Time – Time is money, and for many people it is their most precious commodity.  There are many free online lead generation strategies, but manyof them require a significant time investment to implement. Conversely, there are many paid online lead generation strategies that can be implemented and maintained with a small time committment.

2. Cost – How much money is it going to cost to implement the online lead generation strategy?  There are many free online lead generation methods such as blogging, social networking, article marketing, press releases, traffic exchanges, online classified ads, forum posting, etc.  Others such as banner ads, ezine ads, and pay-per-click have a relatively high cost.

Online Lead Generation

3. Leverage – Do your online leads come to a screeching halt if you stop your daily lead generation actions?  Or does your strategy allow you to do the work once and then the leads continue to come in over a long period of time?

Can you leverage the work in various distribution channels and formats?   For example, can you write one piece of content in your blog, make some changes to it and submit it to online article directories, then make a PowerPoint presentation on the content and turn it into a video and podcast?

I love online article marketing, but there is a significant amount of work required to write a large number of articles and post them to article directories. But, after the article is published on the article sites, it can continue to generate online leads for many months or even years.  On the other hand, free classified ads, only tend to be effective for a day or two and then they stop generating leads. You then need to remove the old posts and submit new posts.

Decide whether you want to do some work upfront and then let the strategy do the work for you for a significant amount of time, or whether you want to have to continually take action to keep generating online leads.

4. Quantity – Do you want to generate 100 leads a month or 100 leads a day?  This is a very important question and will impact your choice of a lead generation strategy.

If you only need 100 leads a month, or roughly 3 leads per day, forum postings may do the job. If you need 100 leads per day or more, then you need to consider strategies such as banner ads, a well funded PPC campaign, ezine ads in large publications or  partnering with large JV’s.

5. Speed –  How quickly do you need to generate leads?   Some strategies, like pay-per-click, can generate a consistent flow of online leads almost instantaneously. Certainly in the first day. Other strategies such as blogging and article directory posting take time to generate a consistent flow of leads.

6. Lost opportunity – This is an important but often overlooked factor.  If you select a method that generates a small number of leads, or takes a long time to generate online leads, your business will grow slower.  This may allow competitors to jump in and grab some of your marketshare and impact your growth in the future.

This principle is especially important to network marketers. The faster your business grows, the faster your compounding makes a significant difference on the size of your team and your income.

When you are evaluating online lead generation strategies, make sure you look at all 6 of these factors – time, cost, leverage, quantity, speed, and opportunity cost, as well as your skills and interests.

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Online Video Tip: Save Hundreds With This Tool

Today’s online video tip can save you hundreds of dollars. Not only that but it’s ultra easy to use.  Very cool indeed.

If you want to create videos of PowerPoint style presentations or you need to create videos that capture your computer screen, Camtasia is the leading application for the job. But at $300 for a PC, it is not an inexpensive solution. Camtasia has a ton of features, but as a result it is not drop dead simple to use.

Online Video Tip: Jing

However, you can use Jing, a close relative, and it’s free! What can you do with Jing? Lots. And the best part is it is extremely easy to use. It has a minimal but adequate feature set that makes it easy to learn. This will save you time and get you producing and hosting videos much faster.

There isn’t much not to like about Jing. I love it because it makes it super simple for anyone to do the following types of online video activities:

1. Record your computer screen and add your own audio

2. Create a snapshot of your screen and then add annotations or a caption.

3. Upload your videos to a free Screencast.com account and then share the URL.

4. Upload your videos to the location of your choice

As with all good things, there are currently a few drawbacks to Jing. You will have to pay for the Pro version to upload directly to YouTube. Without the Pro version you have to convert the .swf format created by Jing into a format accepted by YouTube.  This process is time consuming.

If you want to record HD quality video you will also need the Pro version.  The Pro version does not have Jing advertising in the form of logos and links at the beginning and end of new videos.  Fortunately, the Pro version is a great deal at $14.95/year.

A free Screencast.com account comes with both Jing and Jing Pro. The account has 2GB of storage for your shared videos.

The big limitation with Jing is it’s 5 minute video length limitation. If you need longer videos you will need Camtasia or other video capture software. You can always record a long video as multiple short videos to get around this limitation.

If you want a professional-level screen recording and editing application with all the bells and whistles you would expect in a professional-level tool, then get out your wallet because Camtasia Studio is the tool for you.

Jing is fastastic if you’re looking for a free, super easy way to create images or video from your desktop quickly and without putting a big dent in your wallet.

Give Jing a try and start sharing videos in no time!  If you liked this online video tip, leave a comment or use the handy dandy bookmark button below to share it with others. Thanks!

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Online Success: Your 90 Day Plan For Massive Results

Today you will learn how to set your intentions and formulate a winning 90 day online success plan. But first a warning. If you follow this guideline and take action, you can completely change your business and your life in just 3 short months.

You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a 90 day period, especially growing your business online. You can go from getting 0 to 50 online leads per day if you focus and take massive action. Imagine what your life would be like if you could get 50 online leads per day.

90 Day Online Success Plan

Have you heard the saying “You get what you focus on?” This is one of the main laws of the universe. One of the best ways to focus is to set an intention. After you set the intention the next step is to create a plan to accomplish the intention.

Yes, you will actually have to do some work and take action. There are no magic fairies that will do this part for you 😉  When we put intention on action it is absolutely incredible what we can accomplish.

Let’s get started on our 90 day online success plan. What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 months?  What are your goals? How much income will you generate? What new skills will you learn? What existing skills will you improve?  List three reasons you will succeed? What are your top 5 outcomes in the next 90 days?

Important! When you create your 90 day online success plan, begin with the end in mind. Don’t focus on to do items, focus on outcomes. Now take your 90 day outcomes and break them down into specific actions.

Here is an 8 step process to create your 90 day online success plan.

1: Determine your top 5 outcomes for growing your business online in the next 90 days.

2: Now make a list of the tactical actions you need to take to accomplish these outcomes.

3:  Take your list of top 5 outcomes and break them down into three 30-day outcomes.

4: Look at each 30 day outcome and determine the tactical actions you need to take to accomplish the outcome.

5: For the next 30 days only, determine your weekly outcomes.

6. Now look at each weekly outcome for the next 30 days and determine the tactical actions you need to take to accomplish the outcome.

7. Determine daily outcomes for the next 7 days.

8. Determine tactical actions you need to take to accomplish each outcome for the next 7 days.

You will repeat steps 7 and 8 every 7 days.
Every 30 days repeat steps 5 through 8.
At the end of every 90 day online success plan, repeat steps 1 through 8.

Your online success plan is not cast in stone. Think of it as a living document that evolves and changes.

Notice that in steps 5 and 6 only outcomes and tactical actions for the next 30 days are determined, not subsequent 30 day periods. This allows for flexibility and adjustments to be made during the 90 day period based on results and observations in the previous  time period.

If you want your online success to skyrocket, do this exercise for 90 days.

To Your Success,

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Social Media In Plain English

Are you, like many people, still trying to understand the big picture wrt social media?  This video explains social networking in a way that everybody can understand. You’ll also find out what social media and ice cream have in common!


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Online Article Marketing | A Ninja Trick For Higher Opt-Ins

Online article marketing is one of the best ways to get free targeted traffic to a website, blog, or opt-in page. How good is it? I know someone that generated 650 laser targeted leads in 2 months with this approach. In just 3 weeks their blog received over 600 unique visitors a day. Even better, it was all for free.

Today I’d like to share a little ninja online article marketing trick that will get more of your readers to opt-in to your lead capture page.

At the end of your article you are allowed to include a resource box where you invite your reader to visit your website or blog, or go to your lead capture page. Your goal is for them to opt-in.

Here’s an example of a standard resource box:

And now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE Instant Access to “15 Ways To Skyrocket Your Business Online” . Just enter your name and email on the right.

From Karen Sielski – Your Online Success Partner

The problem with this common approach is that it requires a lot of steps for the reader to opt-in, and they might change their mind at any point along the way.

Online Article Marketing Ninja

The reader needs to click on the link to go to the opt-in page. Next they have to enter their name and email address and then click the Submit button.

While they are on the landing page, they can decide not to opt-in for any number of reasons. They might not like the idea of giving you their name and email address. They might not have the time to fill out the form, etc.

Alternatively, there is a way for the reader to click a link and make one more click to opt-in to your email list. They don’t have to navigate to an opt-in page or type in their name or email address. This method is quick and simple for the reader, increasing the number of readers that complete the opt-in process.

This results in a higher number of opt-ins from the same number of readers for the following reasons:

  1. The reader doesn’t have to go to an opt-in page where they can decide not to opt-in
  2. The reader doesn’t have to type their name or email address!

So just what is this really cool ninja method? You can change the link in your resource box to send an email to your autoresponder list, which automatically adds the reader to your list.

Brilliant! One click to open the send email window and one click to hit the Send button in the email and voila, the reader has opted in to your list!

I’m going to provide you with the handy dandy code that does all of this. When the reader clicks the link in the resource box their email program will automatically open up composing a new email message.

The “Subject line” will already be filled in for your reader and your autoresponder email address will automatically be filled in the “To” field.

All they have to do is click Send and poof, they have requested to opt-in to your autoresponder list. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! All the barriers to opting in have been removed.

They don’t have to think twice about entering their contact info or not having time to read and enter their contact information on the landing page.

By not having to type in their name and email address, it’s less obvious that they are providing

Here’s an example of this super cool lead grabbing article resource box

And now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE ACCESS to “15 Ways To Skyrocket Your Business Online”. Just send a blank email to aponlinesuccess@aweber.com and you’ll start receiving valuable information that can help you get more traffic to your blog or website and increase your sales and income.

From Karen Sielski – Your Online Success Partner

Go ahead and click the link to see how easy it is. And if you send the email you really will get some cool information on how to grow your business online 🙂

OK. Are you ready for the super cool code that let’s you do this. Here is the HTML code for the “aponlinesuccess@aweber.com” link:

<a href=”mailto:aponlinesuccess@aweber.com?subject=Please%20send%20me%20my%20


This code opens your email program and automatically fills in the Subject and To fields for your reader. Give it a try and see how much your opt-ins increase.

Bonus Tip – Your autoresponder will need to support adding subscribers via the email method described above. Many of them do. I use Aweber, the top dog in the industry. Aweber has the best email deliverability rate, one of the most important factors for an autoresponder, bar none. It is used by many of the top leaders in the industry.

To Your Online Article Marketing Success,


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