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In order to receive your no cost 30 minute online marketing consultation, valued at $97.50,you must confirm your request to receive a consultation from Autopilot Online Success. This step is easy to do and will only take you a few seconds. Here’s how you can do it RIGHT NOW!

Look for an email from me with this subject line:

RESPONSE REQUIRED: Please confirm your request for information

The from line in the email will read: [Autopilot_Online_Success] Karen Sielski

The from email address will be: []

Once you find that email just look for this line “CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW:” and click the blue link to confirm you requested the information and want it sent to the email address you specified.

* If you don’t receive it be sure to check your junk mail in case it got filtered as spam.

The email you receive will be very similar to the one below:

Email Confirmation

As soon as you confirm your request you will be contacted within 48 hours to setup your consultation.


If the confirmation email above does not arrive in your inbox within a few minutes, check your “Spam” or “Bulk Folder.” The message may have been filtered there.

If you do find the email there, it’s important that you tag it as “Not Spam” or “Mark as Safe.” This will tell your email provider not to filter out messages from ***.com.

Whitelist this email address:

Be sure to whitelist “”. This ensures my email messages arrive safely in your inbox and do not get filtered out.

Why do I have to ‘verify’ myself?

Nobody wants to receive email they didn’t ask for, from a site they’ve never heard of. That’s why we have to check that the email address you give us really is yours. We don’t want to add you to our system without making sure we really have your permission.

Take a few seconds and DO THIS NOW to gain access to your valuable consultation.


Karen Sielski

Autopilot Online Success

P.S.Please make sure you click the blue link in the first email to confirm you requested the
information. Otherwise we can’t send you information you requested that can double or triple your sales. This is how we protect you and us from spam.

Thank you.

P.P.S. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, send an email to