[Video] Easy Online Presence and Traffic Metrics

Sure, your website looks nice… but are you even sure that it is actually getting traffic?

Do you have traffic metrics installed on your website at all?


Ignorance is bliss, some say.

Perhaps you have tried this a few times before but ended up with a big headache because you found it too complicated and confusing.

You never had anyone to explain to you how to use it.

This is a very big problem.

Ignorance is bliss, some say. But I’m sure that you are itching to know what’s going on with your website, rankings and traffic.

Wouldn’t you like to know how much traffic you are getting from the major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Wouldn’t you like to know what search queries people type in search engines that display your website in the search results?

Wouldn’t you like to know how your web pages are performing?

If you have no way of knowing these things, then you have no idea what pages on your website are getting high or low rankings, what pages are getting the most or the least amount of traffic—and therefore you have no idea what content and pages should be optimized.

Referral Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know how much traffic you are getting from external web sites?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea how much traffic you are getting from online directories you have listed your business and website on. You have no idea if you are getting additional traffic from other external sources.

Social Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know how much traffic you are getting from social media?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if your social media accounts are bringing traffic to your web site. Is LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter marketing working for you?

What should you do more, what should you improve on? You don’t know.

Paid Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know if your online advertisements are getting traffic?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if the money you have invested in paid advertising is paying off for you. Do you want to continue to spend blindly on online advertising?

Direct Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know how much direct traffic you are getting?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if your print ads in newspapers and magazines, as well as you brochures, flyers where you put your web address on are actually bringing traffic to your website. Are you wasting your money on traditional advertising, or is it working for you? You don’t know.

On the other hand, if you are not running any traditional advertising campaign, then your direct traffic is the result of your online marketing campaigns.

People have clicked a link leading to your website on a search engine result, on a blog post or blog comment, on a local directory, on a social media profile or post, or on a promo link. You made such an impact on them when they were browsing your website—with your awesome content, articles, and videos; your attractive promos; as well as your overall branding—that they’ve returned to your website by directly typing your website address. They may even have bookmarked it! What’s more, they may have passed along your website address—“brand.com”—to their colleagues, friends, and family.

If you have no way of knowing how much direct traffic you’re getting, then you have no idea how much impact your content and overall branding is producing that it effects return direct visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

Bounce Rates

Wouldn’t you like to know if people, once they have reached your website, like what they see? How do you know if they are finding what they are looking for in your website?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if you need to improve or optimize your design and content to engage your audience with pages and content that addresses their needs, that are relevant to them, and on pages that load fast.

Crawl Issues

Wouldn’t you like to know if there are issues on your website that prevents search engine robots from crawling your website? Issues such as DNS Errors, Server Connectivity Errors, Robots.txt Failure.

In short, issues that could keep your website from being visible in the search engines at all. Issues that could make it to where nobody could find your website.

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if some, if not many, of your web pages are not being successfully crawled by search engine robots—and therefore not being indexed and had no chance of ranking in the search results.


What if Google, Bing and Yahoo could talk to you? What if they want to officially tell you that there are problems on your website to give you a chance to analyze and fix them? What if they want to talk to you but you’re not listening.

Well, they do send out messages. And if you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea what serious issues to fix on your website. If these issues remain unchecked, then this would lead to the search engines removing your web pages from their index and therefore your web pages will no longer show up in their search results.

Without an Advanced Tracking and Metrics system for your website’s presence and traffic:

You have no idea where you are getting your traffic from. You do not know what to improve and optimize on your website or how to adjust your marketing campaigns.

You have no idea what’s working for you and therefore you have no idea where to invest your marketing budget.

You do not just LIKE to know these things. You NEED to know these things… by having access to the advanced tracking metrics system and by having someone explain the numbers to you in a marketing context.

You should know!

In this day and age, not knowing your presence and traffic metrics costs you a lot of money, whether you realize this or not.

It is in knowing your metrics that you can build and grow your business, your customers, and your profits.

Introducing the Advanced Tracking and Metrics System of the Future

You need a tracking and metrics system that shows all the crucial information you need to know in a user-friendly, logical, intuitive, graphical interface. We know that you are a busy business owner and so you need a tool that gives you an overview right there and then when it first loads.

1. You can see the total traffic that your website is getting on the spot. You can also see how many are coming from organic, referral, direct, paid, and social sources.

2. You will know which campaigns are working or not and which ones deserve a repeat investment.

3. You will know if your visitors are deeply engaged in your content or if they leave right away.

4. You will know if there are crawl issues on your website, and you will also get official notifications from Google, Bing and Yahoo. How about that?

5. You will know how many times each of your web pages comes up in a search query on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and how many times each has been visited, as well as its average ranking.

And how about this?

6. Every new search query or keyword that a user types in Google, Bing and Yahoo that any of your web pages shows up for—even if it is 100 pages back in the search results—is automatically detected and is automatically tracked on the fly!

You get the ultimate reporting on search and keywords intelligence!

Even with other traffic metrics programs, you have to login to 3 different types of tracking and metrics interfaces to be able to get the type of data that’s presented here.

You NEED to KNOW what’s going on with your website’s presence and traffic by having access to the ultimate tracking and metrics system and by having someone explain the numbers to you in a marketing context.

Well… waste your time, money, and efforts no more.

Send us a message at consult@autopilotonlinesuccess.com and request your free consultation on how we can boost your business with our Ultimate Marketing Metrics and Traffic  Tracking system.


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Traffic Metrics Infographic

Are you tracking and measuring your online presence, rankings, and traffic? How much traffic are you getting from search engines? Social media? Paid ads?

If you are not tracking your online presence and marketing campaigns you could easily be throwing thousands of dollars out the window month after month after month.

If this infographic, learn what you need to track and why to make effective use of your marketing budget.

Traffic Metrics Software Infographic


Email consult@autopilotonlinesuccess.com to schedule your free consultation and learn about our super easy Ultimate Marketing Metrics system.

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Why I Finally Dumped Aweber For Emailing My List

After contemplating it for the past year, I finally bit the bullet and changed my autoresponder. This is not something you do lightly. It required transferring, make that copy and pasting, all of the email messages I had setup in my system to automatically go out. Not a fun or income generating task.

It meant learning yet another new tool. No matter how easy it is to use it takes time to learn a new tool such as this one. It meant recreating the opt-in forms on my sites in the autoresponder and then putting the newly generated code in my sites.

Aweber had served me well for years. It has a great reputation, it is well established, and has one of the best if not the best email deliverability rate. It is easy to use and all my sites were humming along with it as my email engine.

So why did I finally dump Aweber in favor or iContact?  Several reasons. I had noticed all the top, and I mean the elite, internet marketers were switching to iContact.   Hmmmm, I would say every time I saw another one switch.

Email MarketingI always “eat my own dog food” as we would say when I was in software development. What does that mean? It means you use the same tools you expect your clients to buy from you and use.  Well, it got to the point where I could no longer recommend Aweber to most of my clients, and in good conscience I couldn’t recommend another tool that I don’t personally use. Call me crazy but that’s just one of my business rules.

People are either starting out fresh with no existing list, in which case price is important and iContact is only half the cost of Aweber when you are getting started. That’s a significant difference when you’re just starting out. Even for large lists, iContact has better pricing except for a few corner cases and then it isn’t much of a difference.  So iContact wins on price. But that alone was not enough to make me switch if everything else were equal.

The real bone of contention I had with Aweber was their rigid stance on importing existing contacts from other systems or from physical sign-up sheets at live events.  Or should I say lack of import because Aweber doesn’t allow it unless the email recipient does a brand new opt-in via Aweber. Now this is just crazy. If they have opted-in or double opted-in and there is reasonable proof of such, there is no need to make them opt-in again just because you are moving from another autoresponder to aweber. This results in a large number of people dropping off the list because they don’t redo their opt-in.

So this was the final straw for me and finally made the big switch last week. I am happy as can be with the functionality, ease of use, support, and price of  iContact.  Don’t just take my word for it, give iContact a try for yourself.


PS – iContact has a 60 day free trial so there is absolutely no risk.

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Save Time and Increase Your Productivity With This Cool Tool

This one will be short and sweet, and can save you hundreds of hours, really!

Would you like to be able to speed up YouTube and other online videos and presentations, without having the presenters sounds like chipmunks?  What if you could control the playback speed of recorded teleseminars and other audio files?

There are 2 tools I started using early this year and I really don’t know what I would do without them. They literally save me many hours each and every week.

The first tool is MySpeed by Enounce. This tool allows you to change the playback speed for internet videos!  You can watch more video in less time.  I find it invaluable for note taking and transcription.

Increase Your Productivity

All you do is add the MySpeed plug-in to your browser and a handy speed slider appears when you start playing  a video. I’m typically able to watch videos at 1.5-2.0 speed. There is a free trial version so give it a try but be forewarned, you may get addicted like me.

The second tool is also by Enounce and it speeds up audio files. This product is called 2xAV and it is a Plug-in for RealPlayer or Media Player.  2xAV provides variable speed playback with natural sounding audio. It works for local files or files streamed from the internet.

These 2 tools increase my productivity by freeing up time to work on other tasks.  Check out the free trials and increase your productivity today!

Yours In Success,

PS – I would love to connect with you on Twitter!

Online Video Tip: Save Hundreds With This Tool

Today’s online video tip can save you hundreds of dollars. Not only that but it’s ultra easy to use.  Very cool indeed.

If you want to create videos of PowerPoint style presentations or you need to create videos that capture your computer screen, Camtasia is the leading application for the job. But at $300 for a PC, it is not an inexpensive solution. Camtasia has a ton of features, but as a result it is not drop dead simple to use.

Online Video Tip: Jing

However, you can use Jing, a close relative, and it’s free! What can you do with Jing? Lots. And the best part is it is extremely easy to use. It has a minimal but adequate feature set that makes it easy to learn. This will save you time and get you producing and hosting videos much faster.

There isn’t much not to like about Jing. I love it because it makes it super simple for anyone to do the following types of online video activities:

1. Record your computer screen and add your own audio

2. Create a snapshot of your screen and then add annotations or a caption.

3. Upload your videos to a free Screencast.com account and then share the URL.

4. Upload your videos to the location of your choice

As with all good things, there are currently a few drawbacks to Jing. You will have to pay for the Pro version to upload directly to YouTube. Without the Pro version you have to convert the .swf format created by Jing into a format accepted by YouTube.  This process is time consuming.

If you want to record HD quality video you will also need the Pro version.  The Pro version does not have Jing advertising in the form of logos and links at the beginning and end of new videos.  Fortunately, the Pro version is a great deal at $14.95/year.

A free Screencast.com account comes with both Jing and Jing Pro. The account has 2GB of storage for your shared videos.

The big limitation with Jing is it’s 5 minute video length limitation. If you need longer videos you will need Camtasia or other video capture software. You can always record a long video as multiple short videos to get around this limitation.

If you want a professional-level screen recording and editing application with all the bells and whistles you would expect in a professional-level tool, then get out your wallet because Camtasia Studio is the tool for you.

Jing is fastastic if you’re looking for a free, super easy way to create images or video from your desktop quickly and without putting a big dent in your wallet.

Give Jing a try and start sharing videos in no time!  If you liked this online video tip, leave a comment or use the handy dandy bookmark button below to share it with others. Thanks!

To Your Online Video Success,



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