5 Step Formula For Generating Real-Time Leads Via Social Marketing

There are numerous ways to effectively grow your business using social marketing. Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Tagged, and the professionally oriented LinkedIn are all the rage today.

When used properly, social networking sites can provide massive leverage to grow your business. But for many people, social networking can also be a huge time sink if you don’t know how to connect the dots and have people in your social networks buying from you.

You need to present your business in an appropriate way, without spamming or turning off your online friends, and potentially damaging your relationship with them forever. You’ve got to get them to know, like, and trust you before they will buy what you are selling, especially online. Your online success depends on this more than anything else.

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Now I’m going to give you a 5 step formula for getting massive amounts of targeted, free real-time leads. I assume you’ve already chosen the appropriate social networks for your industry or business, opened your accounts, and established some friends.

What’s the next step?  One of the best ways to form a solid business relationship with your network and get more sales is to host an event. It can be a webinar, teleseminar, or even an in-person event.

If you live in a remote geographic area, it will be more difficult to get a big turnout for an in-person event, but if you live in a populated area you can get a good turnout by following this formula. The potential is obviously huge for online events, especially if you do a webinar format.

Let’s dive into the details of the online success 5 step formula.

Step 1. A few weeks before the event write an online press release and submit it to a few free online press release sites like PressAbout and PRLog. Setup a google alert on the keywords you used in the press release. The keyword alert will automatically tell you when your press release gets published.

When the free online press release gets picked up, then go to paid online services like PRWeb and WebWire. You should start getting free, targeted web traffic from the press releases immediately.

Step 2. If you have a website or blog, write about the event on your website.  Take the blog entry and turn it into an article and post it on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Post your event on EventBrite.com.

Step 3. Tell all of your social marketing friends about the event, and ask them to share it with their friends.

Step 4. Create a short Powerpoint presentation about the content of your event and yourself. Post the slides at SlideShare.net with a transcript.

Step 5. Turn the Powerpoint presentation into a video and submit the video on YouTube and TubeMogul.

Make sure to send people to your social marketing site or blog page that tells a little bit about yourself.  Have people register for the event and send them an email reminder the day before the event and the day of the event.

Follow these 5 steps to generate free real-time leads, then provide valuable content at your event and you will be leveraging your time on social marketing sites into business sales, not just hanging out and having a good time.

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Seth Godin and Tom Peters

This is a quick video by marketing legend Seth Godin and management superstar Tom Peters. I must admit, I hadn’t really considered the benefit Seth brings up, but after thinking about it I completely agree.  Tom Peters will share the thing that has meant the most to him professionally in the last 15 years.

You will also learn the marketing activity these industry giants think is the best by an order of magnitude. You will want to make sure you prioritize this method in your marketing efforts.

I am a huge fan of Seth and love his books on marketing. I highly recommend his marketing best seller “Tribes”, especially if you are building your business online.

Enough suspense. To find out what these 2 industry leaders and talking about, click the play button to watch the short video below right now…

If you would like to get started with one of the most effective marketing strategy on the planet or would like to turbocharge your existing efforts, learn how here.

Think Enormous,


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Save Time and Increase Your Productivity With This Cool Tool

This one will be short and sweet, and can save you hundreds of hours, really!

Would you like to be able to speed up YouTube and other online videos and presentations, without having the presenters sounds like chipmunks?  What if you could control the playback speed of recorded teleseminars and other audio files?

There are 2 tools I started using early this year and I really don’t know what I would do without them. They literally save me many hours each and every week.

The first tool is MySpeed by Enounce. This tool allows you to change the playback speed for internet videos!  You can watch more video in less time.  I find it invaluable for note taking and transcription.

Increase Your Productivity

All you do is add the MySpeed plug-in to your browser and a handy speed slider appears when you start playing  a video. I’m typically able to watch videos at 1.5-2.0 speed. There is a free trial version so give it a try but be forewarned, you may get addicted like me.

The second tool is also by Enounce and it speeds up audio files. This product is called 2xAV and it is a Plug-in for RealPlayer or Media Player.  2xAV provides variable speed playback with natural sounding audio. It works for local files or files streamed from the internet.

These 2 tools increase my productivity by freeing up time to work on other tasks.  Check out the free trials and increase your productivity today!

Yours In Success,

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Internet Virtual Assistant | 25 Tasks To Outsource

Here’s a list of 25 specific tasks that you should consider outsourcing to an internet virtual assistant, depending on your skills, priorities, interests, budget, and time:

  1. Creating and formatting blogs
  2. Posting articles to blogs
  3. Building websites
  4. Submitting online articles to article directory sites
  5. Submitting online videos to video sites
  6. Maintaining Facebook and MySpace – inviting friends
  7. Creating social content pages on HubPages, Weebly, Squidoo, etc.
  8. Creating graphics
  9. Internet Virtual Assistant Tasks

    Finding images for websites and blog entries

  10. Posting Craigs List ads
  11. Copy writing
  12. Cold calling leads
  13. Setting appointments
  14. Creating and/or maintaining autoresponder campaigns
  15. Landing page creation
  16. Getting links back to your site
  17. Creating web page templates
  18. Formatting PowerPoint presentations
  19. Marketing and product research
  20. Creating content for blog entries, articles, PowerPoints,…
  21. Publishing newsletters
  22. Bookkeeping
  23. Populating your twitter tweets
  24. Software tool research and evaluation
  25. Getting twitter followers

Leave a comment with additional ideas for tasks to outsource to an internet virtual assistant. Let’s see how big we can get the list!

To Your Online Success,



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Internet Virtual Assistant | Best Sources For Finding An Assistant

If you are looking for an internet virtual assistant, here are 5 services for finding a wide range of skills and talent.

elance logo

Elance is great because it is a 1-stop shop where you can find web designers, web programmers, marketers, copywriters, administrators, IT consultants, grant writers, translators, researchers, graphic designers, video producers, etc. Choose from over 80,000 independent professionals around the world.

I have found excellent internet virtual assistants on Elance and highly recommend this service! It is the first place I go when I need a VA.


99Designs is the place to go if you need design work for a website, blog, logo, brochure, business cards, stationary, etc.  Using this service you can get fast and inexpensive results. Their are currently over 34,000 talented designers in this community.

How does it work? 99designs uses a contest model where you specify a description of what you need and a cash “prize”. Various artists in the 99Designs community submit their entries.

You review all the entries, leave feedback, and request changes. You choose a favorite design from all the designs submitted. The winner receives the prize money.

This service is great because you can receive tens or hundreds of designs to choose from and only pay the winner!


Need a programmer? Then check out RentACoder. They currently have over 250,000 registered coders around the globe. Choose from a variety of price points, experience levels, skills, and services to find the professional that is right for your needs.

myereputation logo

MYeReputation is an internet virtual assistant service that specializes in social networking. If you want to leverage the power of social marketing but don’t have the knowledge and/or the time to tweet or post content on blogs, article directories, online video sites, podcast sites, and presentation sharing sites, MYeReputation may be the solution for you.

MYeReputation will create you social network accounts, fill in your profile, invite people into your networks, and monitor your connections.

You will need to provide your MYeReputation assistant with content for your business but they take care of all the tedious, time consuming tasks of getting your content and message delivered to potential prospects on multiple social networks.


While not technically an internet virtual assistant provider, AskSunday is a source to consider if you need a personal assistant. They can schedule your appointments, purchase gifts such as flowers, books and gift certificates, coordinate and book travel plans,  make customer service calls, etc.

Freeing up your personal time leaves more time to focus on your business. Or you can use the extra time to recharge, making you more effective in your business.

To Your Online Success,



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