[Video] Easy Online Presence and Traffic Metrics

Sure, your website looks nice… but are you even sure that it is actually getting traffic?

Do you have traffic metrics installed on your website at all?


Ignorance is bliss, some say.

Perhaps you have tried this a few times before but ended up with a big headache because you found it too complicated and confusing.

You never had anyone to explain to you how to use it.

This is a very big problem.

Ignorance is bliss, some say. But I’m sure that you are itching to know what’s going on with your website, rankings and traffic.

Wouldn’t you like to know how much traffic you are getting from the major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Wouldn’t you like to know what search queries people type in search engines that display your website in the search results?

Wouldn’t you like to know how your web pages are performing?

If you have no way of knowing these things, then you have no idea what pages on your website are getting high or low rankings, what pages are getting the most or the least amount of traffic—and therefore you have no idea what content and pages should be optimized.

Referral Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know how much traffic you are getting from external web sites?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea how much traffic you are getting from online directories you have listed your business and website on. You have no idea if you are getting additional traffic from other external sources.

Social Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know how much traffic you are getting from social media?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if your social media accounts are bringing traffic to your web site. Is LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter marketing working for you?

What should you do more, what should you improve on? You don’t know.

Paid Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know if your online advertisements are getting traffic?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if the money you have invested in paid advertising is paying off for you. Do you want to continue to spend blindly on online advertising?

Direct Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to know how much direct traffic you are getting?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if your print ads in newspapers and magazines, as well as you brochures, flyers where you put your web address on are actually bringing traffic to your website. Are you wasting your money on traditional advertising, or is it working for you? You don’t know.

On the other hand, if you are not running any traditional advertising campaign, then your direct traffic is the result of your online marketing campaigns.

People have clicked a link leading to your website on a search engine result, on a blog post or blog comment, on a local directory, on a social media profile or post, or on a promo link. You made such an impact on them when they were browsing your website—with your awesome content, articles, and videos; your attractive promos; as well as your overall branding—that they’ve returned to your website by directly typing your website address. They may even have bookmarked it! What’s more, they may have passed along your website address—“brand.com”—to their colleagues, friends, and family.

If you have no way of knowing how much direct traffic you’re getting, then you have no idea how much impact your content and overall branding is producing that it effects return direct visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

Bounce Rates

Wouldn’t you like to know if people, once they have reached your website, like what they see? How do you know if they are finding what they are looking for in your website?

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if you need to improve or optimize your design and content to engage your audience with pages and content that addresses their needs, that are relevant to them, and on pages that load fast.

Crawl Issues

Wouldn’t you like to know if there are issues on your website that prevents search engine robots from crawling your website? Issues such as DNS Errors, Server Connectivity Errors, Robots.txt Failure.

In short, issues that could keep your website from being visible in the search engines at all. Issues that could make it to where nobody could find your website.

If you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea if some, if not many, of your web pages are not being successfully crawled by search engine robots—and therefore not being indexed and had no chance of ranking in the search results.


What if Google, Bing and Yahoo could talk to you? What if they want to officially tell you that there are problems on your website to give you a chance to analyze and fix them? What if they want to talk to you but you’re not listening.

Well, they do send out messages. And if you have no way of knowing this, then you have no idea what serious issues to fix on your website. If these issues remain unchecked, then this would lead to the search engines removing your web pages from their index and therefore your web pages will no longer show up in their search results.

Without an Advanced Tracking and Metrics system for your website’s presence and traffic:

You have no idea where you are getting your traffic from. You do not know what to improve and optimize on your website or how to adjust your marketing campaigns.

You have no idea what’s working for you and therefore you have no idea where to invest your marketing budget.

You do not just LIKE to know these things. You NEED to know these things… by having access to the advanced tracking metrics system and by having someone explain the numbers to you in a marketing context.

You should know!

In this day and age, not knowing your presence and traffic metrics costs you a lot of money, whether you realize this or not.

It is in knowing your metrics that you can build and grow your business, your customers, and your profits.

Introducing the Advanced Tracking and Metrics System of the Future

You need a tracking and metrics system that shows all the crucial information you need to know in a user-friendly, logical, intuitive, graphical interface. We know that you are a busy business owner and so you need a tool that gives you an overview right there and then when it first loads.

1. You can see the total traffic that your website is getting on the spot. You can also see how many are coming from organic, referral, direct, paid, and social sources.

2. You will know which campaigns are working or not and which ones deserve a repeat investment.

3. You will know if your visitors are deeply engaged in your content or if they leave right away.

4. You will know if there are crawl issues on your website, and you will also get official notifications from Google, Bing and Yahoo. How about that?

5. You will know how many times each of your web pages comes up in a search query on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and how many times each has been visited, as well as its average ranking.

And how about this?

6. Every new search query or keyword that a user types in Google, Bing and Yahoo that any of your web pages shows up for—even if it is 100 pages back in the search results—is automatically detected and is automatically tracked on the fly!

You get the ultimate reporting on search and keywords intelligence!

Even with other traffic metrics programs, you have to login to 3 different types of tracking and metrics interfaces to be able to get the type of data that’s presented here.

You NEED to KNOW what’s going on with your website’s presence and traffic by having access to the ultimate tracking and metrics system and by having someone explain the numbers to you in a marketing context.

Well… waste your time, money, and efforts no more.

Send us a message at consult@autopilotonlinesuccess.com and request your free consultation on how we can boost your business with our Ultimate Marketing Metrics and Traffic  Tracking system.


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Is Social Media A Fad?

This is an updated version of the social media revolution video.  The statistics are truly amazing.

If you are not doing any social networking you must watch this video. If you are doing social networking you must watch this video and then kick things into high gear.

We are so lucky to experience first hand this exciting time in the online marketing world.

Check out the statistics for yourself.   Prepare to be amazed…

To Your Social Media Success,


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Social Networking: A Marketing Legend Speaks Out

In this short video you will hear a marketing legend tell what really matters when social networking. Hear what he has to say about Facebook and Twitter and ask yourself what you can do to make your social networking efforts pay off in your business.

To Your Social Networking Success,


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Exposed: 3 Popular Myths About Generating Online Leads

There are numerous methods for generating online leads and growing your business online. Before you decide on an approach you should consider these 3 popular myths.

Online Lead Generation Myth #1: There really aren’t any free online lead generation strategies. You’re probably thinking “But Karen, there are lots of ways to generate free leads on the internet like article writing, forum postings, press releases, safelists, blogging, online videos, classified ads, social networking, etc.”

Let me explain. While it is true there are methods for generating online leads that do not cost any money, there are hidden costs most people do not consider.

The hidden costs are time, leverage, effectiveness, and lost opportunity.  When selecting your online marketing strategies, it is crucial to look at more than just the dollar cost of the method. You need to take into account your marketing budget and net profit of each strategy.

Online Lead Generation Myths Busted

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. If you start online advertising with solo ads in ezines, it could easily cost you hundreds of dollars a month of advertising. But you could get hundreds of leads or more and lots of sales.

Assume you spend $500 on solo ads in a month and you get 800 opt-ins from those ads. You make 16 sales and you have a profit of $50 per sale. In this scenario you would have a net profit of $300 (16 x 50 = $800 – $500 for ads). You spent about 6 hours researching which ezines to run ads in and writing your solo ad.

Now in scenario 2 you initiate a “free” article marketing campaign. You write 20 articles in a month and submit them to a top article marketing directory, sending readers to an opt-in page. You have no out of pocket costs since you write the article yourself. You get 100 leads and 2 sales with the same $50 profit per sale.

You spent 30 minutes writing each article and 10 minutes submitting it to an article directory. Overall you spent 13 hours on this approach for the month. In this scenario you have a net profit of $100 (2 x $50 = $100 – $0 cost). This scenario is free but you have spent more time and have less net profit at the end of the month.

Now this is a hypothetical example and there are additional factors to consider. In no way should you assume solo ads are better than article marketing. The point is to show you that while some methods have 0 dollar cost, they may cost more in time, produce less profit, and have less residual income.

Bottom line, don’t just look at the initial cost of your online advertising.

Online Lead Generation Myth #2:
Relationship businesses can’t be done on the internet.

This is absolutely false. There are many ways to build online relationships. Online video is extremely effective for online relationship building. When done correctly, email can be effective as well. And of course, social networking is growing at an unprecedented pace.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of your online connections, focus on quality and non-spammy marketing approaches. You can have 10,000 friends but if you come across as a spammy marketer you will not get any sales. On the other hand, if you have 100 connections and work to build relationships and add value to those 100 people you could have many sales.

Online Lead Generation Myth #3: It is not possible to generate high quality, low cost leads online. Fortunately, this is not true. There are many ways to build a responsive list of prospects without spending a fortune.

Actively participating in forums focused on your industry or niche is one great way to build a list of hyper responsive prospects. There are many others. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to generate high-quality online leads.

Bonus Tip: Get FREE step-by-step instructions on generating hyper-responsive online leads. Just enter your name and email address below and you’ll get immediate access.

Yours In Online Success,

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7 Quick Online Video Tips For More Sales

Want to create online videos that get results? Video is one of the best ways for people to get to know, like, and trust you, which will result in more sales and income. But there are some guidelines you need to follow if you want to get the maximum sales and income from your online video marketing efforts.

Here are 7 quick online video tips to get maximum results from your videos:

Tip #1 – Make your video look professional. Have a good, clear background and setting. Clutter and pictures are a big no no! And of course, dress appropriately. However, if you are promoting the lifestyle your business allows, then shoot your videos at the beach, at the slopes, on the golf course, etc.

Online Video Tips For More Sales

Tip #2 – Look directly into the camera and pretend it it someone else’s eyes. Think about your target audience, not the camera, when you talk and be sure to speak from your heart. Pretend you are talking to 1 person, not thousands.

Tip #3 – Provide great value in your content and convey a strong sense of confidence. If you do not speak with confidence, even if you are an expert your audience will not see you as an authority figure with credibility.

Tip #4 – Don’t lead with your website link or call to action. If you put your website URL before the beginning of the video, it’s too much like a commercial and people may click away instantly. First and foremost, your focus should be on providing value. Put your call to action with website link at the end of the video, after you’ve given great content.

Tip #5 – Do not add a video transition, such as a fade, between the main video and the call to action. This alerts your viewers that the content is over and they may click away.

Tip #6 – Add music to the end of the video in the call to action section. Use music with a good beat. People will stay on this shot longer with good music.

Tip #7 – Keep your video short. Generally, your video should be 2-3 minutes max. The shorter the better. On average, only 46% of viewers watch longer than one minute, 36% watch 2 minutes or more, and a mere 17% longer than 3 minutes. If you have a long video, break it up into multiple videos and create a series.

By following these 7 online video tips, you will create high quality videos that generate more sales and income for your business.


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