There are 3 main keys to online success, leverage, automation, and mindset. It’s really that simple. Everything you do online should be focused on leverage and the use of systems and automation.

Without those things you will have a job that requires long hours and little pay. With leverage, systems and automation you can have a truly automated business with a huge ROI.

Leverage and Automation for Online Success

Leverage and automation allow you to do the work once, and reap the benefits of continued traffic, online leads, and sales for months or even years.  Here’s an example. You write an article in your blog with valuable content for your readers. Next you take that article, tweak the title and a few sentences and submit it to  online article directories.

Online Success Leverage and Automation

Online Success Leverage and Automation

Then you make a PowerPoint presentation from the same content and make a video out of it and submit the video to YouTube and other video hosting sites. You use tools to extract the audio from the video and submit the audio to podcast directories.

For even more online success you can modify the article a bit and put it on content sharing sites like Squidoo or HubPages.

This is a little bit of work up front, but now you have content all over the internet working for you 24/7, for months or even years, bringing targeted high-quality visitors to your website. This is what online success is all about.

There are many other ways to use leverage, such as the use of an internet virtual assistant to do repetitive, non business-critical tasks. By leveraging other people’s time, you free up your valuable time that can be spent on high leverage activities like marketing, relationship building, and generating valuable content.

Another example of leverage and automation is the use of autoresponders to develop a relationship with your subscribers.  Instead of writing and sending out new content each week in a newsletter format, take each blog post and add it to the end of an autoresponder series.

When you have written 52 blog entries, which can happen quickly, you now have 1 years worth of content in your autoresponder for each new person that subscribes to your list!

Using leverage, systems, and automation that you will learn in this blog will allow you to create a viral traffic generation system that produces free targeted traffic to your websites while you spend more time doing the things you love – golfing, traveling, playing with your kids, etc.

Online Success Mindset

The third critical component to online success is mindset. Make a decision to be successful online. Many people go in with the attitude of “let me try this and see if it works”. It flat out does work if you get the right knowledge and skills.

Online Success Mindset

Online Success Mindset

If you just “try it” then you will give up as soon as you run into obstacles and road blocks. It is most likely you will run into obstacles, as with everything in life, but there are always ways around the obstacles if you have the right mindset.

Why are some people successful and some are not with the same strategies? The successful ones are focused and determined to overcome any challenges that arise.

Make a decision to achieve online success and to overcome any roadblocks you run into along the way. With the right knowledge, systems, and mindset, anyone can be successful online.

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