Facebook is now the 2nd most popular website in the world, right behind Google, and has bumped Yahoo! down to the #3 spot. The magnitude and scope of Facebook is mind boggling. Read these fun Facebook facts and you’ll understand why Facebook should be an integral part of your online success strategy.

15 fun facts about Facebook

(and a mind boggling bonus stat):

1. Facebook has more than 300 million active users

2. 50% of active users log on to Facebook daily

Fun Facebook Facts

3. The fastest growing demographic is 35 years and older

4. The average Facebook user has 130 friends

5. There are more than 40 million status updates daily

6. Users spend more than 6 billion minutes on Facebook each day

7. More than 10 million users become fans of Pages each day

8. Each month, over 2 billion photos are uploaded

9. More than 14 million videos are uploaded each month

10. Each week over 2 billion pieces of content are shared

11. Over 3 million events are created each month

12. There are over 45 million active user groups on the site

13. About 70% of users are outside the United States

14. There are more than 350,000 active Facebook applications

15. More than 65 million users access Facebook from their mobile devices

And a bonus stat, the most surprising since Twitter is all the buzz these days. Every 10 days Facebook grows the size of twitter. Wow!

So is you want to be successful growing your business online, don’t ignore Facebook. In fact, you can even make it your core social media strategy.

Just be sure to use it responsibly and don’t be a spammer, there are already more than enough of them out there, and they don’t make money anyway.

Also, if you are going to market with Facebook, don’t abuse the terms of service or your account will get shutdown in a heartbeat. Use fan pages for marketing, not your profile.

First and foremost, remember Facebook is a social community. Be social and remember to build relationships first, then market.

To Your Facebook Success,